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Welcome to the Jinkle.Com Educational Services Support Site!
As a DCRE Labs subsidiary, Jinkle.Com is committed to the outreach and community support efforts of our mission statement. We are particularly proud of our on-going support for educational institutions and partners.
Our Educational Services Group consists of Jinkle.Com and DCRE Labs staff members with strong backgrounds in educational institution support, including proven research experience at Tier 1 research universities, classroom support services at community colleges and innovative distance learning technologies. In addition, we work with several national organizations that further support higher education, including the National Science Foundation (NSF), National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD), etc.
Recently, we have started an additional level of service, aimed at non-university support efforts. Elementary and high school educators, vocational and rehabilitation counselours as well as independent speakers and instructors have recently been invited to use the resources from Jinkle Educational Services. This new and exciting program is geared to improving access and availability of online resources at every level of education.
For more information, contact your Jinkle.Com representative or contact the Educational Services group via DCRE Labs' switchboard at 1-866-747-2739.
If you are currently registered for a supported class or workshop, please proceed to the class login page.
If you use the NWEA RIT-scoring system, you may be interested in checking out our Student Profile Generator! Visit the Click here for more information.
UK Graduate Students
University of Kentucky Graduate Students looking for the College of Communication Development Area should contact your Graduate School Director for login IDs and passwords. If you have already done so, click here for the UKCGS login screen.
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For more information on Jinkle.Com's Educational Services or to learn how we can help support your class, workshop or seminar, contact support@jinkle.com or contact D. Chaney at the DCRE Labs Main site