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Jinkle.Com Educational Services Student Login Page
This page allows students, staff and faculty to access online resources via the Jinkle.Com Education Services website.
If you have not already done so, please contact your institution or instructor for details on logging in and using this website.
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If you are currently registered for a supported class or workshop, use the login form to the left to proceed to you class homepage.
DCRE Class Services
Please note, as of December 2005, all "DCRE Class Services" accounts have been removed or migrated to the new system. If you are unable to use your old account, contact DCRE Labs support at support@dcre-labs.com.
UK Graduate Students
This is not the login screen for the UKCGS system. If you are a University of Kentucky Graduate Students looking for the College of Communication Development Area should contact your Graduate School Director for login IDs and passwords. If you have already done so, click here for the UKCGS login screen.

For more information on Jinkle.Com's Education Services or to learn how we can help support your class, workshop or seminar, contact support@jinkle.com or contact D. Chaney at the DCRE Labs Main site