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Jinkle.Com Educational Services -- Tools Section
As a DCRE Labs, LLC subsidiary, Jinkle.Com is committed to the outreach and community support efforts of our mission statement. We are particularly proud of our on-going support for educational institutions and partners.
This section of the website will contain useful web-based research tools, freely available to educational institutions.
Currently in development: Grid Tool
A research tool to evaluate the 'newsworthiness' of news articles, this online webtool provides a simple bi-axial grid for 'scoring' a news article based on new 'fact vs. opinion' and 'news vs. gossip', allowing the research subject to simultaneously determine the value and relevance of common journalistic endeavors.
Tuckman Model
Based on Bruce Tuckman's team development model, this online webtool allows subjects to fill in the questions on the Tuckman Model Battery and have their answers immediately scored and returned to them.

For more information, contact your Jinkle.Com representative or contact the Educational Services group via DCRE Labs' switchboard at 1-866-747-2739.

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Grid Tool
Bi-axial data input tool using a simple graphic, returning normalized data to your meet your data acquisition needs.
Grid Tool
Tuckman Model Battery
Online battery that automatically scores respondent's input based on Bruce Tuckman's Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing work from the 1960's.
Tuckman Model

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